How to live a healthy life

Deciding to live a healthy full life is a challenge like no other.


After years of hitting the gym, changing diets and obsessively counting steps, if you’re lucky you might see some changes. But the moment you stop counting calories and steps, the weight comes back on. You get out of breath running upstairs. You have to squeeze into your jeans again, or worse, go out and buy a new pair, the size up, admitting to yourself that, once again, you failed to live up to your dream.


So you start again.


A new fad diet, a new fitness craze, more hours at the gym, and the cycle repeats. You fail again.


But you keep trying. Because you know it’s possible. You know that once you reach your dream of living a happy, healthy full life, all the effort, all the struggle, all sweating will have been worth it. Because you know that your life will be amazing.


You keep going, not realising that once again you’re following the same routine.


It’s a new diet, it’s a new exercise trend.


This time it will work.


Except it won’t. Because they never do. Because of one simple reason. They’re not designed to.


Yes, they will help you lose weight and get fit. At least for a while. But as soon as you stop. The weight comes back. Your fitness levels drop and you start again. Spending money on products you don’t need and that will eventually fail you once again.


Because here’s the thing. You can’t buy health and happiness.


Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t something you need to force into your life. If you do that, you’re going to fail.


Instead of adapting your life for health and fitness. You need to adapt your approach to health and fitness to your life.


Start small.


Don’t make massive dramatic changes.  


Find times in your day where you can find time for 5 minutes of exercise, like when you’re making a coffee or a brew. Rather than just standing around, waiting for the kettle to boil, do 50 sit-ups, or push-ups, or any type of exercise you want.


Do ONE thing in those few minutes every day and you’re on the path to building a happy healthy life.